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Our Story
We start early each morning at Country Cookie preparing fresh from scratch batches of cookie dough. 

Everyday we make nearly 2000 cookies that are then sold in our store or through wholesale. Everyday 

is a new adventure for us as we offer many varieties of cookies, bars and breads to you our customers. 

We don’t let up either. No matter what time of day you come into our retail store you will be greeted 

with a smile, a great looking display, the delightful smell of fresh baking cookies. Some of you are even

lucky enough to experience the cookie fresh out of the oven. 

Country Cookie has been independently owned and operated in St. Joseph Mo for 30 years by the 

founders daughter Amy Balley.  In 2014 Amy sold the business to Lowell Hartell, a local business man,  

to help expand and grow the Country Cookie brand.  Country Cookie currently employees 10 

individuals to mix dough, bake and decorate with passion.

Country Cookie is one of the few independent bakeries that still continues to grow their business by 

providing personal on demand service.  Every cookie is unique and hand scooped. You will experience 

consistent flavor and quality in every Country Cookie. 

“We can make just about anything a client is looking for, from specific cut-out cookies to our very 

popular KC Royals Cookies and we make a variety of cookie cakes.  We are just looking for ways to 

support our community, bring in new business and stay true to our roots of made fresh & from 

scratch.  We are still a small enough operation that we can focus on customer service, attention to 

details and really get to know our customers needs. That is just what we do!” says Heather Mitchell, 

Operations Manager. 

Our customers are like family so if you haven’t been into Country Cookie for a while please stop by

 and see us at 206 S. Belt Hwy, Saint Joseph, Missouri Monday-Saturday or call 816-676-2000. We 

welcome 1st timers to experience Country Cookie!